SolarWinds Hack SitRep – What We Know Right Now

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Sunbust Solarwinds Hack
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This week, Matt Mosley and Kash Izadseta discuss Sunburst the SolarWinds Hack of 2020-2021, the saga continues…

In early 2020, hackers secretly breached SolarWind’s systems and added malicious code into the company’s software system. “Orion,” is widely used by companies to manage IT resources. Solarwinds has 33,000 customers that use their Orion product.

Software providers regularly send out updates for their products, whether it’s fixing a bug or adding new features. SolarWinds is no exception. Beginning as early as March, SolarWinds unwittingly sent out updates to its customers that included the malicious backdoor. 

The code created a trojan and infected customer’s information technology systems, which hackers then used to install even more malware that helped them spy on companies and organizations. 

  1. What we know
  2. What happened exactly
  3. What is the 2021 update on the hack
  4. What we did to combat it
  5. What the future holds

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