Biggest Hacks of 2020

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2020's Biggest Hacks
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Review of 2020’s Biggest Hacks

This week we review all the biggest hack headlines of 2020. From ransomware to DDoS attacks. Lastly, one final Christmas coal for our cyber stockings. 2020 had a lot going on as a result it set the bar very high in the world of cyber security! We breakdown the hacker news highlights month by month so get ready for what is to come for 2021.

January – IRS, Wawa, Microsoft
February – Estée Lauder, Denmark Tax Portal
March – Marriott, Virgin Media, Whisper, NutriBullet
April – US Small Business Authority
May – EasyJet
June – Claires, AWS
July – BlueLeaks
August – Carnival, LG, Xerox
September – Clark County Nevada, German Hospital
October – Boom! Mobile, Barnes Noble
November – Capcom, Campari
December – Vancouver TransLink, FireEye, SolarWinds

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